Thursday, 18 December 2008

Excerpt for Mistletoe and Ouzo Kisses

Leah froze, her blood running cold at the revelation of the hidden truth. Immediate flashbacks, as though someone had given her a handful of photographs from those lost hours after the office party, made an unwelcome appearance in her mind. How had she not recognised the signs?Her fingers tenderly met her lips, remembering how Marcus had kissed her that evening, remembering when she had seen that tattoo before.A quivering hand closed over her mouth at the realisation that she and Marcus had been more than just colleagues that night. He’d kept the secret from her. Perhaps he was hopeful it would happen again. And it nearly had!She glanced frantically around the room, at their clothes scattered across the floor. No way would she fight for Marcus’s loyalty against Diona now. Whether it was Christmas morning or not, she couldn’t spend another minute with him.

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